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It’s Christmas time, betches. AKA the best time of the year (except maybe it would be better if I lived in California and it wasn’t so cold) anyways… gift giving is one of my favorite things. I hate spending money on myself. Refuse. I’m the type of person that walks around a store filling my cart with everything I want and *think* that I’m going to buy. Then.. when it comes time to check out.. I put everything back and leave empty handed – happens literally every time I’m at Target.

Like I said.. I love giving gifts. BUT, I like the gifts to be more thoughtful. I usually like to give things that are creative and homemade, or keep a running list throughout the year of things that people have said they wanted (because let’s face it.. when it gets to Christmas time and you’re asked what you want, you can never think of a single thing!!) I just think that homemade gifts are so much more thoughtful, and if you’re budget is tight af – like mine – this is the way to go.

Last year for Christmas, I gifted “Self care kits” to the ladies in my family, and they loved them! This year, I am doing something similar, but I can’t share on here because HEY FAM!! 😉

Here’s what I did last year – along with some other fun ideas to get creative! 

1.) Homemade candles – this may sound complicated, but it’s actually super easy! I ordered stuff off of amazon and got cute little bowls to hold the candles in at Target. I’ll link everything below.

Here’s how: https://www.proflowers.com/blog/how-to-make-candles – This isn’t the guide I used. I don’t even remember which one I used. I just googled it! I melted crayons in order to give my candles color, and for fragrance I used essential oils/vanilla extract. I kinda mixed a bunch to make my own sent.

Essential oils – you can always find them cheap at Marshals

Bowls – I used these dip bowls. They’re small & perfect size for the candle. I was able to find them in a bunch of different colors.

Soy wax – I got this off of amazon but I think I was able to find a smaller bag. I made 6 candles.

Candle wicks 

It calls for a double boiler but I just used a glass bowl over a boiling pot as a “DIY” one. You also don’t need  thermometer.. I didn’t use one.

This was a homemade one that my sister-in-law made. I just poured mine into little dipping bowls but these ones are super cute!

2.) Body scrubs. – I made a homemade sugar scrub for everyone. Another thing that was cheap, thoughtful, and really easy!

Heres how:

  • Mix equal parts cane sugar and coconut oil or almond oil. (I started using one cup of each, then had to increase in order to make enough)
  • Add in pure vanilla extract
  • Mix, and if desired – add essential oil of choice. I mixed some to make it smell super yummy.
  • Store in little jars to gift!
The body scrub on the left is by Frank and Whit. Not homemade obv but any of their products make a great gift too!!


3.) Homemade treat – CHOCOLATE. Something chocolate obviously had to be included in a self care kit. Or if your people aren’t into chocolate.. sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, banana bread, etc! Giving something like this that you took the time to make yourself may seem small, but people appreciate it so so much. I included these chocolate covered dates in my “kit (obviously, I did not shape them into hearts since they were for xmas lol) they’re my families fav!!

slice dates, stuff em with peanut butter or an almond, and cover in melted chocolate!! my family loves these!


I also wrote a little booklet so that they knew why I was gifting this to them. For the candle, I wrote the benefits of aroma therapy. For the body scrub, I listed the ingredients, gave the benefits of those for your skin, and of body scrubs in general. For the dates, I gave the benefits of each ingredients.

Since health and wellness is my passion, tying that into the gifts that I gave others was so much fun! They got to learn a little more about my interests in a way that benefited them as well!

Two year ago I did homemade lotion.. just google it and it will come up with a bunch of different ways. Also super easy.

homemade pecan butter!

Some other ideas –

  1. “Coffee kit” – A cute mug, their favorite coffee, and stuff to spice up their coffee game : ghee, vital proteins collagen peptides (they make a coffee creamers now too!) a frother, coconut oil.. etc! Some dark chocolate espresso beans can’t hurt either  😉
  2. Homemade nut butter – Pecan, almond, peanut. Anything! Put it in a mason jar with a nice label. My Cinnamon Vanilla spice one is perfect for the holidays (and probably my most popular recipe)! Homemade nut butter is super easy and thoughtful too!
  3. Spa basket – Massage gift card, Frank and Whit products, nail polish! And chocolate because idk.. chocolate goes with everything!
  4. Healthy Human tumblr/water bottle – You could also include this in the coffee kit! (click the link and use ALLIEE10 for $$ off) I don’t get any money or anything from this and I’m not just saying it because I have a discount code. I got mine for xmas last year and am OBSESSED!
  5. Handmade Lip scrub – could also include in a spa basket. It’s like the body sugar scrub but for your lips!
  6. DIY hot chocolate mix – Find a good recipe for homemade hot chocolate mix and put it in a cute lil mason jar! Could also include a mug!!
  7. Frank and Whit products – I know I included these in “spa basket” but they really should be a category of their own because all of these products are AMAZING. From their face masks, to their body scrubs and dry shampoos, they are non toxic and leave you feeling damn GOOD. And, some of the proceeds go to helping dogs in need. How cool?!?!


As I think of other fun things, I’ll update this post!!


Happy Holidays! XOXO

Happy Holidays! xoxo


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