This weeks Q&A is all about travel!

I asked you guys to ask me all of your travel Q’s so here we go! TRAVEL Q&A

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Now let’s get to it… 

1.) When you were in your ED still, was it difficult to go on vacation? Did you ever feel like it held you back from experiencing your surrounds?

Yes – when I was still in my eating disorder, traveling was extremely hard for me. Vacations instilled a lot of fear in me because they meant lack of structure/routine, and I wasn’t in control of food. BUT, I think it was actually a good challenge for me. It helped me and forced me to move forward in recovery when I couldn’t always be in control. It also definitely held me back from enjoying my surroundings – I was too wrapped up in food and calories to truly appreciate being on vacation.. and that’s no way to live!!

2.) Do you take any supplements with you when you travel to help your digestion (like probiotic, etc)?

I don’t! I know a lot of people take digestive enzymes and find them helpful – but I actually found the opposite. I brought them on my trip to Europe, took them once, and it was the only time I got sick the whole trip.. so I decided not to use them!

3.) How do you decide where to go for a day trip? Do you research before hand or just pick a place and go? What do you normally look for (ocean, cute towns, coffee, etc)? How often do you go on day trips?

Oooh I love this question because I LOVE day trips! I do a little research before I go. I have a list of places that I’d like to go and then when it comes time for my next day trip – YELP is my bff!!! I’m always looking for cute coffee shops, towns to walk around, beach areas, and healthy food places! Sometimes, instead of picking a town to go to – I first pick a coffee shop that I’m dying to try.. then I see what’s in the area and plan my day around that! It’s so fun just to explore a new area! Usually I try to take day trips once a week 🙂 adventuring is a priority to me!


4.) Where is the next big place you want to travel to? (on an airplane!)

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone but.. GREECE! Yes, I just went to Greece, but my heart is aching to go back. Something about it unlocked a whole new version of ME! I don’t even know how to describe it! Besides that, Bali is next on my list! And Australia – I went there when I was 7 but dying to go back!

5.)  If any of your followers were going to Maine or Boston areas, where do you think we would NEED to go?

For Boston – I love the Seaport area, Harvard square, Back Bay, and Newbury street! My favorite thing is really just to walk around the are and in Boston you can always stumble upon a cute cafe or juice bar!

For Maine – PORTLAND! 100%! Portland is my favorite day trip to take. It’s the cutest town with tons of shops to explore. You can walk right along the water and they have SO MANY good spots for coffee or healthy food – try blake orchards for amazing smoothies or tandem coffee roasters for the best latte! But York beach is my favorite beach and Ogunquit is perfect for a day trip too!

If you’re planning on visiting any of those places, send me a DM or email for recs 🙂

6.) When it comes to food and travel, How do you find a mentally healthy balance of prepping for travel so you can eat healthy to feel good and not have stomach issues but not obsessively preplan and not “live spontaneously”.

Oooh another good question! For me, I go into every vacation with an open mindset. It really depends what type of vacation it is. When I went to Europe – I didn’t pack any food other than snacks for the plane. I ate out every day for two weeks and really just tuned into my body. I basically stuck to how I normally ate at home, with a lot more flexibility! My number one priority when traveling is still FEELING good. When we went out to eat, it was actually really easy for me to make it work almost anywhere. I didn’t stress and just went with the flow. Most places are so willing to accommodate your needs – so don’t be afraid to ask! For other vacations like my two weeks at the lake with my family, I pack lots of food and grocery shop when we get there! I don’t view it as obsessive – I want to enjoy the vacation and not stress about stomach issues, so I stick foods that make me feel good. If my family is making a dinner that I know will upset my stomach, I just make my own or modify their meal to suit my needs!


7.) I’m still kinda trapped in counting calories which is definitely something that is stressful and not helpful for my eating disorder recovery, but traveling is something I’ve always loved to do but now I get kinda scared and worried about trying new places/ restaurants when traveling because I won’t necessarily know the calories in the meal. Any advise for this and how to be more flexible/ not worry about the calories at a new place? THANK YOU! I love you, you’re such an inspiration to me!!

First of all, thank YOU so much, you are the sweetest!! My biggest advice? JUST DO IT! I know I know, doesn’t seem too helpful, but I think that traveling and getting out of your comfort zone with foods is where mental growth really happens. For me, traveling actually helped me to get over these fears and stop focusing on calories. I had absolutely no way of knowing the calories in a meal when traveling, and there was something so freeing about that! It’s one of those things that you just have to challenge yourself to do. You really do have to just do it. Just go for it. Eat the meal without knowing any numbers – what’s the WORST that can happen?!

8.) How to pick your travel companion/being okay with traveling alone.

When it comes to picking a travel companion really think about what YOU like to do when you travel. Are you more active? Do you like to lay on the beach all day? Do you want to scope out a bunch of healthy restaurants? Would you rather go to bars or get gelato at night?! Really think about the type of traveler you are – and then pick someone who aligns with that. Traveling with someone who shares the same passions as you is really nice. As far as traveling alone, start small! Take little adventures with yourself. For example, I took a trip to the beach by myself one night. Or sometimes I’ll find a new walking trail to venture on by myself. Then work up to the big stuff!

9.) How do you still eat healthy and not gain weight when you’re traveling to different countries? 

For some reason everyone has this idea that traveling and being out of routine = weight gain. Really, this couldnt be further from the truth. You don’t automatically “lose progress” when you travel. When it comes to food, I go into vacation with the mindset of “Eat whatever you want”. Having an open mindset really helps me when it comes to meal time and allows me to choose what I really want rather than what’s “healthy”. And because of this – I almost always choose the healthy option. Since I’m not forcing myself, it’s truly what I want! As far as weight gain, I went to Europe for two weeks, didn’t workout once, ate more than usual, and came back leaner than I was before. My biggest tip is don’t stress.


10.) Favorite easy snacks for a day of traveling?

Fruit and almond butter packs, homemade trail mix (nuts, seeds, raisins, dark choc, etc!), Chomps, Beet chips, Rice cakes with almond butter packs

11.) How to avoid feeling bloated/puffy from plane/car rides?

Depending on how long the travel time is – I typically don’t eat in the car or on planes. I find that eating while on the move is really upsetting for my stomach. BUT if the travel time is long, I obviously eat! I make sure to pack things that I know will be easy on my stomach. Also, drinking a lot of water and taking a walk before/after seem to help!

12.) Traveling with people who don’t prioritize the same things as you (healthy eating, being active) 

SUCH A GOOD QUESTION! So good that I’ll be doing a whole blog post on it 😉 stay tuned! but my top tip would be to do a little research about the are you’re going to and find one/two activities, or places to eat that everyone could enjoy!


Hope that answers your questions! Don’t forget that you can always ask ANYTHING anonymously on my ASK ALLIE page!

Until next time, my ppl!






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