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My Favorite Body Weight Workout – Perfect for traveling!

When I can’t get to the gym, this is my GO-TO workout. I love it because it’s quick, gets ya sweating a lot, and I have so much fun with it!!  GIVE IT A SHOT and see whatchya think 🙂

All you need is stairs, a bench, or even a step stool!

*also, this was recorded after I had already completed the workout through, so my form may not be the best LOL*


Warm up – I either warm up with an AB circuit or some body weight squats/lunges!

THE WORKOUT *videos are sped up*


  • Side shuffles + jump  X5 (side to side = one)
  • Jump squats X10
  • Toe taps on step X30
  • Incline pushup on step X10
  • Inclined mountain climbers X40
  • Jump squat onto step X10
  • Lunge + hop on step X10 each leg
  • Sideways lunge + hop on step x10 each leg
  • Burpees X10

*I repeat this usually 5 times through. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Listen to YOUR body and repeat it as many times as FEELS GOOD for you!!


FINISHER – 10 rounds:

run up stairs

10 in and out squat jumps

run back down

40 high knees


*Bare with me guys.. I don’t know the formal names to ANY exercises! I just kinda made up what sounded good 😉 hopefully you get the gist of the moves through the video. I seriously love this workout – it challenges me every time but leaves me feeling amazing!! Let me know if you give it a try! 



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