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    MyFitnessPal – WE’RE BREAKING UP

    The other day – I looked at my phone and saw that I had an email from MyFitnessPal. Not sure why I’m still subscribed to those emails because I never open them, BUT – the subject of this one was “Happy 4 year anniversary!” I opened it up and read… “Now’s a good time to reflect on what motivated you to join MyFitnessPal 4 years ago and all that you’ve accomplished since then.” And then my heart kind of sank a lil as I really thought about it. 4 years ago, what motivated me to join?  What motivated me was control – knowing every last calorie that was going into my…

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    My Favorite Body Weight Workout – Perfect for traveling!

    When I can’t get to the gym, this is my GO-TO workout. I love it because it’s quick, gets ya sweating a lot, and I have so much fun with it!!  GIVE IT A SHOT and see whatchya think 🙂 All you need is stairs, a bench, or even a step stool! *also, this was recorded after I had already completed the workout through, so my form may not be the best LOL*   Warm up – I either warm up with an AB circuit or some body weight squats/lunges! THE WORKOUT *videos are sped up*   Side shuffles + jump  X5 (side to side = one) Jump squats X10 Toe…

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