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    MyFitnessPal – WE’RE BREAKING UP

    The other day – I looked at my phone and saw that I had an email from MyFitnessPal. Not sure why I’m still subscribed to those emails because I never open them, BUT – the subject of this one was “Happy 4 year anniversary!” I opened it up and read… “Now’s a good time to reflect on what motivated you to join MyFitnessPal 4 years ago and all that you’ve accomplished since then.” And then my heart kind of sank a lil as I really thought about it. 4 years ago, what motivated me to join?  What motivated me was control – knowing every last calorie that was going into my…

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    Busier doesn’t = BETTER

    Heading into this weekend I realized that I had nothing to do. Absolutely nothing. Nowhere I needed to be, no one I had plans with, nothing important that had to get done. I can’t remember the last weekend that I didn’t have at least one thing to be at or to do. You would think that I’d be so excited to have a few open days and embrace the fact that I could just do whatever I wanted. But for some reason.. the nothingness made me anxious. What was I going to fill my time with? I like to be busy. It’s weird because I get overwhelmed if I have too much…

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    Hey guys! I promise “My story : Part Two” will be up verrryy soon, but today there was something else on my mind that I wanted to talk about. Many of you probably already know this but for those of you who don’t – I have major depression. It brings a lot of struggles to my life and drags me down every single day. I also struggle heavily with self consciousness and embarrassment, and I think my depression plays a huge roll in these two things.. I am self conscious  and embarassed about EVERY little thing about myself, it goes faaaaar beyond looks ( although I am majorly self conscious about…

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