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    Ask Allie : TRAVEL EDITION

    This weeks Q&A is all about travel! I asked you guys to ask me all of your travel Q’s so here we go!  Wait but FIRST… did you know you can buy all of my travel essentials HERE? And I’ll keep adding to the page as I think of more 🙂 Now let’s get to it…  1.) When you were in your ED still, was it difficult to go on vacation? Did you ever feel like it held you back from experiencing your surrounds? Yes – when I was still in my eating disorder, traveling was extremely hard for me. Vacations instilled a lot of fear in me because they…

  • Hilton Boston/Woburn

    The Hilton Boston/Woburn – a perfect staycation

    STAAAYCATIONS ALL I EVER WANTED.. STAYCATION HAD TO GET AWAY! (remix to “vacation”. produced by me). I’ve been singing it since my two night staycation at The Hilton Boston/Woburn started. I’m actually writing this from the bed of the hotel because I’m SO EXCITED to tell you guys about it! The Hilton Boston/Woburn welcomed me as a guest for two nights and it was the most perfect staycation I could have ever asked for. The hotel is located in Woburn, MA which doesn’t really make you think “luxury”… and it’s only about 30 mins from where I live. BUT when I say that I felt like I was on an actual vacation…

  • What to wear in Europe
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    Outfit Ideas for Europe – comfy, simple, and cute!

    Need some outfit Ideas for Europe? I GOTCHU! And even if you’re not traveling to Europe – I STILL GOTCHU!! I’m sure that most of you have noticed – from my countless instagram stories of me in GROUFITS – that I am no fashionista. A typical outfit for me is workout leggings and a t-shirt. That’s just how I roll. Sometimes I’ll even wear a cute t-shirt if I’m feeling fancy – special occasions only. Buuut.. when I found out I’d be going to Greece and Italy, I needed some good Outfit ideas!! During the months leading up to my trip, I was freaking out a lil about what the HECK…

  • What to wear in Europe

    Greece 2018 Recap – What I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

    As you probably know (if you follow my Instagram), I recently spent two weeks in Europe – 1 week in Greece, 1 week in Italy. Greece had always been top on my list of places to go. I’m not even really sure why – I didn’t even know what there was to do in Greece. All I knew was that it looked beautiful and Blake Lively went there while filming Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And if Blake Lively went to Greece – it must be amazing, right?! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. The beauty of Greece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I fell completely head over…

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    LA Eats

    If you’re a health nut like me, you know that LA is the place to freakin be. The amount of healthy eats in the area seems almost overwhelming – like, I can only fit in SO many meals a day.. where do I go?! I spent a week with my Instagram foodie bffs doing all the healthy foodie things and here is a list of all the good places we hit! Obviously, I didn’t hit ALLL of the places I was hoping to, but here’s where I did go –   Great White – Venice, CA We came here for brunch on my first day  (and the last day, lol)…

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    My Favorite Body Weight Workout – Perfect for traveling!

    When I can’t get to the gym, this is my GO-TO workout. I love it because it’s quick, gets ya sweating a lot, and I have so much fun with it!!  GIVE IT A SHOT and see whatchya think 🙂 All you need is stairs, a bench, or even a step stool! *also, this was recorded after I had already completed the workout through, so my form may not be the best LOL*   Warm up – I either warm up with an AB circuit or some body weight squats/lunges! THE WORKOUT *videos are sped up*   Side shuffles + jump  X5 (side to side = one) Jump squats X10 Toe…

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    Vacation – Taking A BREAK!

    Having an instagram that’s focused on health and wellness has been such a positive thing for me. It has allowed me to connect with likeminded people, share my passion for what I love, and learn so much more about it too. But – when you have an account that’s dedicated to solely that, and you follow over 300 people with a similar passion, it can be easy to let it become an obsession. There’s just so much information out there and so much to take in. I  LOVE it all, but.. it can be easy to see what everyone else is doing – how they are working out, what they are eating, how…

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    a GOOD weekend

    Hey babes! Welcome to my first weekend recap.. something I’ve never done before but last weekend needed one! I traveled to Philly with my best friend (Hi Mikki) for GOOD fest – Basically a day full of all things health and wellness, my fav! If you know me, you know that there’s nothing I love more than EXPLORING and adventures, so I was super excited to be a foodie tourist (is that a thing?!) in Philly.   After a 6 hour drive, Mikki and I got to our air bnb around 2 pm on Friday. We got ready, met up with Julia from @lifethroughjulia (Yay for finally meeting insta friends…

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