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Digestion tips – what I have found most helpful

As you probably already know, I am no stranger to digestive issues (read more on that here!). I know I’m not the only one who’s had these issues, so I figured I would share my best digestion tips and what I have found to be most helpful!

I’m not going to bore you with a whole long post about it – just some quick tips that I hope will help you as well!

digestion tips

Digestion tips

my top tips for healthy digestion

  1. REST & DIGEST! Before you eat – make sure you are in a “rest and digest” (aka parasympathetic ) state. This means you’re not stressed, anxious,  overwhelmed, walking around, anything like that. Sit down with your meal and relax. Always eat sitting down.
  2. 3 DEEP BREATHS! Take a few really deep breaths before you eat
  3. SIT ON THE FLOOR! This one seems weird and obviously isn’t always possible but it helps a lot with digestion! It kind of goes along with “rest & digest”. I sit criss cross applesauce (lol) Your body feels relaxed which will help get into a parasympathetic state.
  4. CHEW THOROUGHLY! Seriously. Chew your food really well. The more you chew your food the easier it is on your digestive system. Sometimes we get bloated after meals simply because we did not chew our food enough and our body is having trouble breaking it down. It’s especially important to chew your carbs, because if we don’t chew them enough – our stomach can’t  fully break them down.
  5. EAT MINDFULLY! Slow down when you eat. Really focus on the food in front of you and put any distractions away. I don’t watch TV or go on my phone when I eat. It helps me focus on eating and I’ve found it to be super helpful for my digestion. It also helps me chew my food more throughly because I’m not distracted.
  6. NO WATER WITH MEALS! You’ve probably heard the opposite your whole life, but water with meals can be harsh for digestion. A lot of us use water as a way to wash food down – aka we don’t chew it all the way, aka bad for digestion. Also, water can dilute your stomach acid and make it harder to break down food.
  7. WALKS AFTER MEALS! I take a walk after every meal when I can. If you can’t take a walk – even just a little movement is helpful. Sometimes I take my dog out right after I eat or I leave all of the dishes to clean up so that I get some movement in. It helps, trust me.
  8. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Figure out what foods work for you and your body. Some foods may cause you digestive issues and it’s important that you figure out what foods those are!
  9. REDUCE CARDIO! Cardio and high intensity exercise stresses your body out which is not good for your digestion. I notice every time I do higher intensity exercise my digestion is off. If I ever take a run – my stomach hurts right away. I stick to weight lifting and throw in cardio here and there.

Like I said, I just wanted to give some QUICK tips for when it comes to digestion! This is what works for me and I hope you can find it useful too! 🙂


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