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Hi guys! As many of you know, I was lucky enough to attend Expo East in Baltimore this month with a few of my friends that I’ve met through Instagram. In case you are unfamiliar with what it is – basically, it’s a huge natural products expo where companies set up booths and show case their products. There are two every year – one on the east coast and one on the west. Think healthy foods, supplements, skin care, etc. Instagrammers and other attendees get to walk around, talk with the companies, and sample lots of goods! Basically like Disney World on steroids for a foodie like myself.

We  found SO many products – some old favorites, some new – that I felt like I NEEDED to share with you guys!

Not only did I get the chance to sample some amazing new foods, but I also got to connect with with people BEHIND the products, which was definitely one of my favorite parts. I was  surprised at how friendly many of the companies were! Not to say that I thought they’d be unfriendly, but I definitely wasn’t expecting them to spend time talking to a little food Instagrammer like myself.

For me, meeting the sweet and friendly people behind the companies made a HUGE difference, and made me love their product that much more! There were some products that I absolutely loved, but the people working the booth just weren’t all that friendly, which really steered me away from their products.

So, I’m going to highlight my favorites from expo, which I picked not only because the products are amazing, but because the people behind them were amazing as well.

(If you read Maggie from @Mags.healthy.life blog post about expo… I think we named almost all of the same favs lol. I guess it’s because we are the same person 😉 )


Let’s start the new finds:

Julies Real – If you follow my Instagram stories.. you already know it was one of my favorites! Julie Real makes cashew and almond butter, and grain free granola (one of which is SIBO friendly!!). I have already deemed their coconut vanilla bean cashew butter to be my favorite nut butter. ever. And that’s really saying something! The ingredients in their products are outstanding, and the people behind the company were SO friendly and sweet, which is another huge reason that this was one of my favs.



Wildway- Annnd another new find. Wildway makes grain free granolas AND HOT CEREALS! Like oatmeal.. with no oats! How awesome is that?! I’ve never been a huge oatmeal lover, but every once in a while I crave it. Not being able to have grains means no oatmeal ever, but this stuff was just like the real thing!! I also loved their grain free granola. We stopped at this booth about 5 times to sample their stuff over and over 😉 This was another company with friendly faces that I loved getting to connect with!

Thrive Tribe Snacks – All of their products are grain free and paleo friendly which I love. I only tried their paleo snack clusters, but they were to DIE for. Seriously so good. They also make bars, cookies (which my friends raved about), and coconut chips.

Abby’s Better – Amazing nut butters, amazing flavors, amazing ingredients. Need I say more?! Abby started this company whens she was just 15 years old.. and she has come out with the BEST and most unique flavored nut butters ever – coffee almond, strawberry cashew (personal fav), date pecan.. to name a few. No refined sugars either! All about it!

Remedy Organics – Another new find! This company makes plant based beverages that are absolutely amazing! The drinks use sprouted almond milk (easier for digestion) and have tons of superfoods and adaptogens! The flavors are unreal too (matcha, cacao, vanilla, berry, etc). Personally, the cold brew one was my fav! The woman behind the company was so nice to us too, making these drinks all the better!




Georgia Grinders – This is already the third nut butter company I’ve mentioned.. and I don’t plan on stopping here! Oops 😉 We got a chance to sample some of the AMAZING nut butters and meet the people behind the company.. who were amazing as well! This was my first time trying pecan butter, and they were nice enough to let me take a whole jar home because I quickly became obsessed!

Anitas Coconut Yogurt – This was my first time ever trying coconut yogurt and it was DELICIOUS. No added gums or anything like that, just coconut and probiotics! Another company who was so friendly to us!

Alldrin Bros Almond CO- Almond butter made from NON-GMO almonds that the family farms themselves! How cool?!? Not to mention that the oil used the nut butter is COCONUT oil! I was so excited to see that. The almond butter itself was delicious and we got to meet one of the owners who was so nice!!

Bulletproof – FINALLY got to try a REAL bulletproof coffee and the bulletproof bars.. they taste like cookies!!

Cocokind – Not food, but amazing skin care products! Before coming to expo I had heard so many wonderful things about this company, and just meeting the founder – Priscilla – confirmed everything! She took so much time explaining each of her products to us and was SO friendly and ready to answer any questions that we had!



Now lets get into the *not so new* finds. aka products that I’ve loved for a long time, but meeting the company made me love them even more!!

Siete Foods – Do I really need to say much more? This family owned company makes grain free tortillas and chips which are literally the best I have ever had. We got to talk to some of the sweet people behind the products as well. Family owned companies are just the best!

RX bar –  This one really goes without saying. I mean.. I’m pretty sure you guys know how much I love my RX bars. They are really the only bar I eat (besides a few other brands on occasion.. but I mostly stick to these guys). It was so cool to get to meet some of the faces of my favorite company ever!!



Banza- The makers of chickpea pasta aka the only pasta I usually eat! I had connected with them prior to expo through Instagram, but meeting them in person was so fun!! They were super nice!

Purely Elizabeth – MY FAVORITE GRANOLA EVER! Before SIBO it was the only granola I ate!! She even came out with two new ones, so be on the lookout for those! I was so lucky to meet the face of the company – Elizabeth – and she even gave me one of her recipe books!! It was so fun getting to talk to her for a bit 🙂




Kite Hill – Best. Cream cheese. Ever. And it’s vegan. They came out with a jalapeño favor thats AMAZING and some new drinkable yogurts that were so good too! We spent forever at this booth talking to Michael.. who sent us home with some cool spoons that we were all a little to excited about 😉 He was seriously the nicest and funniest person EVER.




Wild Friends –  Promise this is the last nut butter company but I couldn’t not mention this one!! Erika was one of the sweetest people that we had the pleasure of meeting and SO down to earth too. We spent a long time hanging and talking with her.. and even left with the BEST totes ever (and tons of nut butter of course!!)




Perfect Bar – Another company we LOVED hanging with, they were so fun! We got to try the pumpkin spice flavor which was amaze.. and we also may have caught wind about some more new stuff coming 😉


Expo was seriously the experience of a life time. I got to turn my Instagram friends into REAL LIFE friends, meet amazing companies, and sample so many yummy things! I can’t wait to go back next year.

Oh.. and I’m already counting down to Expo West in March 😉









  • Maddy

    ah no way I want to go to this expo (or others like it haha)! How did you get to go attend? Now you seriously got me considering looking into going to the west expo in march and any others that come up along the way! Andddddd now I have lots of goodies to add to my list of things I need to try 🙂

    • allieseats

      its so much fun!! you should definitely consider going 🙂 If you are a food instagrammer you can register as press on the website!

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