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Greece 2018 Recap – What I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

As you probably know (if you follow my Instagram), I recently spent two weeks in Europe – 1 week in Greece, 1 week in Italy.

Greece had always been top on my list of places to go. I’m not even really sure why – I didn’t even know what there was to do in Greece. All I knew was that it looked beautiful and Blake Lively went there while filming Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And if Blake Lively went to Greece – it must be amazing, right?!

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. The beauty of Greece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I fell completely head over heels the second I got there. My soul just felt like it belonged there. Vacations always serve as a good reminder for me to give myself a break, and they always help restore a sense of balance in my life. I felt free. I felt alive. I felt a sense of happiness that I haven’t known in years.

I’ll probably bore you with a whole other blog post about why I fell so in love with Greece, and what the trip really did for me and my mental health at a later time – but for now, I’ll give ya what most of you have been asking for.. my Greece 2018 recap! Where I visited, stayed, ate what I did, etc etc etc!

Keep in mind, I was on this trip with my Mom, Aunt, and Cousin – my mom and aunt took care of booking everything and it wasn’t a *foodie* trip where I could just study the menus at every location or set up the perfect photo like I would have if I were with my foodie friends (NOT complaining at all. just letting you guys know!!) If you have any questions about how we booked anything, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer! (after I find out from my Mom, LOL).


alrighty, let’s get to it!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


* 1 week in Greece * From Athens, to Santorini, to Mykonos.

First off, let me just start by talking about the food – In Greece, there are literally cafes and restaurants EVERYWHERE you turn. They line every street!! Not only that, but they are all super cute and aesthetically pleasing lol *if you care about that sort of thing*. It’s like a foodie heaven. The Greeks put so much emphasis on using quality ingredients. Everything was homemade and SO so fresh. It was possible to find multiple healthy options at any place you chose! I didn’t have to worry or stress that I was putting harmful ingredients into my body. It was seriously the freshest, highest quality food I had ever eaten. And because of this – my body felt GOOD and energized, even with eating out 3X a day!! Even with my digestive issues that I deal with, I was the least bloated I have EVER been. Crazy, right?!

MUST TRY FOOD IN GREECE : Freddocino – iced cappuccino. the best coffee I have ever had. period AMEN end of story. get it.

Greek salad – this is a given. just do it

Souvlaki – chicken or pork on a stick

Pita – most places serve homemade pita. I usually eat grain free but the pita was TOO good to pass up.

Tzaziki – yogurt dip/sauce. I’m obsessed. Dip your pita in it. amazing.

*food note* – If you’re a salad girl like me, most places don’t offer protein on their salads. For me, I need protein if I want it to fill me up. I asked at every restaurant I went to if I could add chicken to my salad. Some said no, some looked at me like I literally had 5 heads. BUT I did find many places that (after a little back and fourth) let me add chicken, so don’t be afraid to ask! But beware that they may say no! Many places have souvlaki (chicken or pork on a stick) so if I saw that on the menu, I typically got that along with my salad.

And the coffee – Greece is SERIOUS about their coffee, which I wasn’t expecting at all. But it was the most amazing coffee I have ever had in my life. At home, I stick to 1 cup a day. In Greece.. I had at least 3 lol!!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
fresh fruit was EVERYWHERE!

Athens – 2 nights.

What I liked best about Athens was the way every street was lined with the cutest restaurants and cafes. I wish I could’ve tried them all!! 

Where we stayed: Athens Status Suites

This hotel was small, but perfect! It was in SUCH an amazing location – right near a few shopping streets and conveniently close to Plaka (basically a marketplace that goes on and on forever with tons of shops/restaurants, etc). We had endless options when it came to where to eat, get coffee, shop.. not to mention the view from the rooftop bar/restaurant is BREATH TAKING. You have a perfect view of the acropolis and the city of Athens. It was so beautiful. The hotel was very nice and the staff members were welcoming, helpful and friendly!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
this was the view from the top of our hotel. If you look to the back right, you can see the Acropolis!



When we arrived in Athens, we had a private driver arranged to pick us up at the airport. He dropped us off to our hotel (or near it, since our hotel was on a pedestrian only street!) and after check in, we went straight for food. Since we only really had one full day in Athens, there was no time for resting! We had to soak up all that the beautiful city had to offer.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
the shopping street right near out hotel

Lunch – CENTRALE restaurant. It was around 3 pm and we were hungry after a long day of travel, so we picked the first place we saw. I got a salad that was mediocre but everyone else really enjoyed their meal! They had a good menu, so I think I just made the wrong choice! My mom got a traditional Greek Moussaka which ended up being the best one of the whole trip! I tried it and it was amazing!!

Coffee –  Le Petit Village. After lunch we stopped for coffee (duh). This little place SO so aesthetic. Seriously the cutest and ended up being my favorite coffee while in Athens! The owner was so friendly too 🙂

After coffee we walked around the shopping streets near our hotel for a while. We found an AMAZING clothing store called Pull and Bear. It was cheap AF but everything was high quality and super cute! My cousin and I ended up getting a few things – some of them I wore while I was there and will show in my outfit post!!

After we walked around, we made it up to the rooftop of our hotel which was absolutely beautiful. We sat up there for a while and drank more coffee – because in Greece, it’s always a good time for coffee.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
talk about coffee with a view!

Dinner – The Grecos Project. First dinner there was one of the best! I got the Greco’s project salad (lettuce, walnuts, mushrooms, cucumber, anthotyro cheese, balsamic vinegar) with two chicken souvlakis. We all talked about this meal almost the whole trip lol.

After that, bed time!


The one full day we had in Athens! My cousin and I started the morning by walking a few blocks over to a cute lil coffee shop. I can’t even believe i don’t have the name of the place – it was so cute and delish! We sat outside as they brought us our coffee. Since it was a Sunday it was quiet which was so nice. It was actually on the same street at Grecos Project (the place we got dinner), just a few stores down!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
the omelette I got at breakfast

After coffee, we met up with our Moms.

Breakfast – The Grecos Project (same place as day 1 din). I got the veggie omelette. It was good! Nothing to rave about but still yummy. Considering the fact that we only had TWO breakfasts in Athens, and it’s basically my favorite meal to eat out for, i really wish we branched out and explored the area lil more. BUT we were in kind of a time crunch because we were trying to get to the parade/changing of the guards. And like I said, it wasn’t a *foodie* trip, so I couldn’t drag my fam all over Athens looking for the perfect menu and the most aesthetic place LOL.

Every Sunday at 11 AM they do a parade and a big changing of the guards outside of the presidential mansion. We headed over there to watch it a little after 10 30 and it got crowded FAST. It’s not a parade that lasts very long but it’s definitely cool to see! The changing of the guards actually happens every hour each day but on Sundays they do a bigger event for it!

After that we headed back to the shopping streets near our hotel, walked around, and shopped for a while. We headed back to our hotel, quickly got ready for the day, and were off for lunch!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
changing of the guards parade

Lunch – In Town Restaurant. The outside seating was SO unique and beautiful that I had to eat there just for the aesthetics lol. Unfortunately I didn’t even really get any pics! The meal was just okay, nothing special, but it might have just been my order. I ordered a salad that I thought would be good but it was the smallest thing ever. It came with like two little chicken strips and 5 baby mushrooms LOL.

After lunch it was time to explore the Plaka!! The Plaka is like a little cobblestoned village lined with cute stores that sell all sorts of things. From handmade ceramics, jewelry, and even olive wood cutlery. There’s also tons of cafes and family run restaurants. It was just a short walk from our hotel, so we headed that way and after walking the streets and window shopping a lil, my cousin and I ended up at a fish spa getting our feet eaten at by lil fishies!! I guess it’s supposed to get all of the dead skin and stuff off – which it did. My feet felt smooth AF after but it honestly felt WEIRD AF. Like the lil fishies just nibbling at your feet. WEIRD.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


After that we continued to walk the Plaka – which felt like it literally went on FOREVER. By the time we finished, I’m not even sure if the place we were at was still the Plaka lol. The streets go on and on forever with restaurants, shops, and cafes. We did a lot of walking and exploring this day, which was why it was one of my favs! We sat down for some afternoon coffee at a random place we found (honestly the coffee was good everywhere so you can’t go wrong). I also got an apple at a random lil yogurt shop! Then we had a 5 45 PM tour scheduled at the Acropolis. We met for our tour at a GREEK YOGURT BAR!! You know how in America we have frozen yogurt shops? Well in Greece they have Greek yogurt shops. You picked what percent yogurt you wanted (no fat, 2%, full fat.. etc). It was just plain Greek yogurt and you could dress it up with whatever toppings you chose. They had all kinds of fresh fruit, homemade jams, nuts, and even local honey.

Acropolis tour – Before going to Greece I truthfully did not know what the Acropolis was, so I didn’t have any real interest in going to it. But I am SO glad we did. We ended up ditching our tour group and doing our own thing. If you’re not so much into learning about the history of it and stopping every 5 seconds to learn more, I’d suggest doing it on your own! I WAS IN THE FOR THE VIEWZZZZ

We got to go at our own pace, see whatever we wanted to see, and take as long as we wanted for pics which truthfully was the most important part (half kidding)!! My mom and Aunt had told us it was like a hike, so we wore athletic shoes and *not the cutest* outfits, but truthfully I didn’t feel like I needed to wear athletic stuff. The views from along the way are amazing, and even better once you get to the top. If you visit Athens, this is a must!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
at the top of the acropolis

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


After this we were starving! We wanted to eat in the Plaka area since we saw so many restaurants. So we walked along the streets  for a while and found a place. Pretty sure it was a lil after 9 at this point – which is normal in Europe! They don’t eat dinner till around 9 or 10 pm, and that’s what we did basically every night!

Dinner – Διοσκουροι (that is what the sign looks like. In english, it is called Dioskouri Cafe!) I think this may have been my favorite meal of my whole two weeks in Europe. Or at least one of them. I got a greek salad. My first one EVER. I had never even ordered one at home – and I quickly learned that authentic greek salads don’t have lettuce! It came with everything all chopped up and was perfectly seasoned/dressed with olive oil – and even  had homemade rye croutons in it too. It was seriously delish and was the start of my new found obsession for greek salads. We ate outside and there was greek music playing and people dancing. It was perfect the perfect atmosphere.

Next stop: Gelato! We found a gelato shop with homemade gelato AND cones before going to the Acropolis and my cousin and I had our hearts set on going back after dinner.

Gelato: DaVinci Gelato. They make everything in house, using only high quality, fresh ingredients and NO preservatives. They even have sugar free flavors! I sampled strawberry chocolate which was so freaking good. But I ended up getting hazelnut in a homemade cone and it was the best decision of my life. Seriously amazing. FIND THIS PLACE!!

Annnnd then a walk home followed by bed!


Sadly, we didn’t have much of a day 3. We only had time for breakfast and one last walk around the shops before it was time to head to the airport to fly to Santorini! My cousin and I woke up and headed to breakfast at the coffee shop that we went to the day before – the one I can’t remember the name of lol! I got a cappuccino (they had almond milk there too!!!) and scrambled eggs that came with goat cheese. The scrambled eggs honestly looked pretty weird. They were orangey red but were actually SO freaking delish!!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
these were the eggs – weird looking but good!!

After that, it was back to the hotel to pack up all our things (that we somehow made a mess of in the 1 1/2 days we had been there?!?). I took one last walk to get a cappuccino freddo (freddoccino) for my aunt and I. I went to Le Petit Village again because like I said, it was my fav coffee place! And it was super close to our hotel! Honestly, let’s not even talk about the amount of coffee I consumed while I was there.

On to Santorini!

Santorini – 3 nights.

I fell in love with Santorini and all of it’s beauty. The people were so friendly and welcoming.

Where we stayed: Aressana Spa Hotel located in Fira, Santorini 

I do not have words that could describe how amazing our stay here was. From the second we arrived, we were welcomed with so much kindness, and treated with luxury! We somehow got lucky enough to get a free upgrade to a room with a *semi* private pool!!! The whole entire time, the staff members were so friendly and helpful, and met our every request. We formed bonds with the people there, from the drivers, to the bartenders, we felt at home.  I felt like I had a lil fam there – it was amazing! I really can’t speak highly enough of the staff.

Besides that, the hotel itself was absolutely beautiful and in the perfect location. It was right at the start of a pedestrian street lined with shops and cafes – with the caldera view all along the way (basically the most well known view in Santorini). It was perfect not to be right in the center of the busy-ness, like many hotels were, but close to it!! It had a gym, spa, beautiful pool, and an amazing restaurant! They had an award winning chef that focused on using seasonal and local products. Everything was SO fresh, healthy, and delicious. Even the buffet breakfast was amazing, and all homemade!! If there’s one place I’d return to over and over again, it’s here. If you go – tell the bartender (Dinos) that I sent you.. LOL.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
this was right outside of our hotel! behind me is the walk that’s along the Caldera
Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
this lil kitty was always hanging around the hotel!

Day 1

The flight from Athens to Santorini was quick. We got there around 2ish (I think) and a driver from our hotel was waiting for us. We headed straight to our hotel and were greeted with cool face cloths and cucumber water while they checked us in. After we settled in our *upgraded* room, we were starving. It was almost 5 pm and we headed to a very late lunch at the hotels restaurant.

Lunch- Ifestioni Restaurant. This was the restaurant that was in our hotel. I got a greek salad and it was to die for. Everyone loved their meal – and we even got homemade pita (which I heard was amazing but for some reason I didn’t try it?!).

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

After that, we changed, went up to the lobby to ask for recommendations on things to do, and headed out to walk the caldera view. There was a long street with shops and restaurants all up and down, and the whole way, we had the most beautiful view of the ocean on our left. We window shopped for a view hours and then continued just to walk a little and stare at the pretty view. A little after 8 pm we were still walking and the sun started to set. Everyone says to go to Oia, Santorini, for the sunset – but this was honestly the most breathtaking one I have seen. It was magical.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ateGreece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ateGreece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


Then we headed to find a dinner spot around 9 PM

Dinner –  I wasn’t really hungry when we went to dinner, so I wanted until we got back to the hotel and ordered the same greek salad that I had for lunch lol. BUT there were so many cute restaurants all along the walk that you could choose anywhere and get a healthy, fresh, delicious meal!


On our first full day in Santorini we did a tour of the Island with a driver/guide from out hotel! We woke up, got ready, and headed to breakfast.

Breakfast – We had breakfast at the hotel since it was included in our stay. There was so much fresh fruit and other goodness. From eggs, veggies, yogurt bowls, toast, there was something for everyone! They even had local honey to put in the greek yogurt!! I got a greek yogurt bowl with lots of fresh fruit, some delicious scrambled eggs, and a cappuccino of course.

After that – off on our tour we went! One of the drivers from our hotel took us around the Island. It was a tour where we could do/see anything that we wanted to, but we let him tell us where the best spots were!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

Our stops:

1. Agios Georgics Beach – A black sand beach! But it wasn’t really sand. Mostly pebbles. And it tickled your toes A LOT to walk on. We sat right across from the beach outside and at a little restaurant/bar and sipped on some coffee for a while. Are you even surprised I got more coffee? The weather was perfect and it was so nice to just sit and soak it all up! Then we took a quick little walk on the pebbley beach before heading to our next stop.

2.) Vlychada beach- Another black sand beach! But this was actually more like sand and more enjoyable to walk on. It’s also next to cliffs and it was really beautiful! Less crowded than the first beach too. Pick up the white rocks that you see. It’s actually volcanic ash, and it deceivingly looks heavy but is light as air!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate      Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

3.) Red Beach – so, we didn’t actually go to the red beach.. but our driver took us to a view point right above it with beautiful scenery. Honestly not sure if it had a name but it was beautiful – just like everything was!!

4.) Akotiri lighthouse – I think this was my favorite stop of the day! We drove up a lil cliff, parked our car – right next to a guy selling fresh fruit.. amazing!! – and took a lil walk that led us to some rocks and a lighthouse overlooking the ocean. The view was amazing. My only wish is that we had stayed and explored a lil longer!


Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


From there, the plan was to walk around Pygros Village – but we had heard about all of the amazing wineries in Santorini, and decided to do a drive through of the village to spend some time at a winery instead. Honestly, I wasn’t happy about this. I was so excited about going to Pygros village. SO WTF. I love cute little areas to walk around, window shop, and find cafes. So that was definitely a bummer for me. Honestly, still not over it. If you go to Greece – go here. And send me pics!!!

5.) Venetsanos Winery – This place was actually really beautiful and had an amazing view, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. We thought we were going to something like a wine vineyard, which I would have been happier with, but it was not like that at all LOL. Basically you go, sit at a table, and choose wines to taste. We ended up only sitting for about 10 minutes, trying a few wines, and leaving seeing as we were on a time crunch and there were other things we wanted to see. But like I said.. it was definitely beautiful! And if you like wine, it’s worth it!

6.) Prophet Elias MonasteryWe didn’t spend long here, but it’s the highest point of the Island and the view was beautiful!

7.) Our last stop was another sight seeing point with a view that over looked the ocean and a white church with a blue dome – just like you see in all the pics! Sadly, I have no clue what it was called, my bad! We got out, took some pics, and headed back to our hotel. I think we ate lunch at the hotel again. Honestly, it was too good not to.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


After the tour and lunch, everyone was pretty tired, so I took a solo walk along the Caldera while they rested a lil! Later that night, we headed to OIA – the place where everyone says you should see the sunset!! Oia was absolutely beautiful. It’s just like what you picture when you think of greece – pure white buildings with blue doors and domes. Magical. We walked around for a while just soaking up the beautiful views and then made our way to a parking lot that overlooked a beach so we could watch the sunset. All of the other view points were way too crowded! The sunset was beautiful, but I truthfully enjoyed the one that we saw while walking the Caldera more. Next, dinner. (side note: how many times can I say “beautiful” in this post? lolz)

this was after the sunset. it was so beautiful

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate











Dinner – Apsithia. Just like most places, this restaurant had an amazing sea view. I got a salad that came with arugula, chicken, walnuts, strawberries, chicken, some type of cheese, and housemade dressing. It was delicious!!

After walking around a lil more, we made our way to a cafe to wait for our driver from the hotel to pick us up. It was about a 20 minute drive back. I think it was around 10PM when we got back, and my cousin and I went and sat at the lobby bar at our hotel for a drink. The bartender – Dinos – is around my age and we all had fun just sitting there talking. That’s the night that we ended up going out with some of the people that we had met at the hotel – haha!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


We walked to a lil street on the Caldera where the bars/clubs were, sat for a drink, then headed home and passed out after a long – but amazing – day!


We didn’t really have any plans – except for a sunset boat tour at 3:30 PM.

I woke up, went for a little solo morning walk, and then we hung around by the hotel pool and soaked up all the sun for a while before our tour.TBH not my ideal day in Santorini – I felt like there was too much to explore to be wasting time by the pool! But that’s just me. We had originally planned to go walk Pygros Village, but I guess that plan was tossed out the window once the sun started beaming down and the pool seemed like the best option. If you can’t tell.. I’m still not over it LOL. My favorite way to explore a new place is just to walk all around, which is mainly why I was so upset we didn’t go there! While everyone was by the pool, I went off exploring on my own a little! Then relaxed.


Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

from my walk along Caldera

After laying by the pool, we headed to meet our driver who would be taking us to the boat tour.

Sunset boat tour  – It was a 5 hour boat tour around Santorini and it wasn’t what any of us were expecting. We got to drive by some pretty beaches and swim at one location, but that’s really it. Along with that, it was so foggy that we didn’t even get a sunset!! Honestly, it’s not something I would recommend. Like I said – my favorite way to see a new place is by walking, so sitting for 5 hours on a boat was not my jam. BUT I do know people who have done a boat tour a loved it! My therapist actually said she went on a boat tour that stopped at the islands volcano and they got to hike it – which I would have loved!

We had dinner made right in front of us on the boat, which was actually one of my favorite meals of the trip, and “dessert” was a bunch of fresh fruit!

After that we were all pretty beat. We headed to the hotel and my cousin and I sat by the bar with our bartender friend, then went for one last walk along the Caldera. We were leaving the next morning – so we had to soak it up!


Well, I guess you can’t really call it day 4 since we left around 10 AM for our ferry to Mykonos. We woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, said our goodbyes to our friends that we’d made, and were off!

It was a two hour ferry ride that was actually quite enjoyable. It was like a luxury ferry – with assigned seats, and was much better than getting on another plane!

MYKONOS – 3 nights.

If you’re looking to club or party, Mykonos is your kind of place. Amongst all of its beauty there is also tons of night life. Also, beware that it gets WINDY AF!

Where we stayed – Air BNB located in Mykonos town

Mykonos was the end of our lovely hotel stays. We got an air bnb and LET ME TELL YOU, it was a huuuuge change from what we were used to. When we went to Italy we did Air bnbs too – and at the end of the trip I found that I really liked staying in hotels a lot better. Hotels felt more comforting – there was always people around, you made friends with people and always had someone to talk to, or someone to give you suggestions on where to go and what to see. I didn’t so much enjoy the air bnb life, but it definitely is a cheaper way of travel!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
from the balcony of our air bnb!


Well the first day started kind of rough. We were all kind of in shock after getting to our air bnb. Immediately, we felt lonely and missed our hotel stays. So we just kind of somberly sat there for a while LOL. Not to mention we were starving, tired, and had to walk up a big hill and lots of stairs with our luggage to get to the air bnb. The place was tiny, but the view from the balcony was absolutely gorgeous. And it was right in the town!

After letting ourselves sulk a little, we ventured out for food.

Lunch – Alegro Restaurant. We ate outside right by the ocean which was perfect! I got some type of salad with an avocado mousse and greek sausage on the side! It was delicious!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


After that we just walked around Mykonos town a bit – the alley ways are filled with shops and restaurants and they are seriously the most beautiful alley ways I have ever seen. Think pure white and blue EVERYTHING. With the prettiest flowers growing on the walls. Instagrammable AF! We just ventured around the town for a while and somehow found our way to little venice – another area with little restaurants along the ocean. I could’ve walked the alley ways for hours on end. Like I said, they were so beautiful and they just kept going on and on!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


We were all so tired that we got a quick dinner at a take out style place.

Dinner – Sakis Grill HouseIt had all the traditional greek foods and if you want a good gyro, GO HERE! I got the greek salad because at this point I was too obsessed not to. I also got two chicken souvlaki with fresh pita and tzatziki on the side! My expectations were not high but it was actually quite delicious.

After dinner .. BED!



First things first – as always, coffee. My aunt and I are the early risers so we walked for coffee and stopped at the only place open

Coffee/Breakfast – Trio Bambini. We came here for coffee first thing and then back for breakfast when everyone woke up. I got an omelet with feta peppers and tomatoes! The omelette was cooked perfectly and the feta was the best addition! But beware – the veggies in their omelettes come raw!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

After breakfast we really just ventured around some more. We went to see the Windmills  and then lost ourselves walking around in the alleys and shops near there! I found a little jewelry shop and got the prettiest rose gold olive branch necklace, which symbolizes freedom and peace – the two things I felt the most of while in Greece. Honestly, the alley ways of Mykonos were so beautiful. I loved walking them just for the aesthetics of it all. White walls, blue doors, white walk ways with grey stone. UGH! Talk about picture worthy.Even the restaurants! Everyone thinks LA is the place to go for Instagramable cafes? well think again.. IT’S GREECE!

After a few hours we got a taxi and ventured off to a different part of the Island – Ornos –  for lunch!

Lunch – Kuzina. This place had open outdoor seating and was right on the beach. We had all wished we brought our bathing suites because it would’ve been such a good place to relax for a little! We actually went here because one of the staff from our hotel in Santorini suggested it! I got the herbed turkey patties that came with fresh grilled pita, tzatziki, and chopped tomato salad. They were some of the best turkey patties I’d ever had! The salads there also looked amazing!!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

We took the bus back to near where we were staying and found MORE streets and alleys to explore. I seriously loved the atmosphere!  We went back to our airbnb and hung out for a while – soaking up the view and the sunset from the top of our airbnb which was so perfect. Then, ventured out for dinner around 930 PM.

Dinner – Appaloosa Bar Restaurant. This was such a cool place! They served Greek food, Mexican food, Indonesian food, and Italian too! We got chips and guac to start and the guac was BOMB. My whole fam got Indonesian food and I got one of the BEST salads I’ve ever had. We all loved our meal!!

After some more walking around, we ended the night with gelato from Trio BambiniI got hazelnut again. because it’s amazing. I think that’s the best gelato flavor I’ve ever had. Now I want some…..

aaaand after some bomb a$$ gelato we headed to bed.

DAY 3 –

We woke up, and went right for coffee!

Coffee – Red Parrot. I had passed this while walking through the alleys and just by the smell of the coffee, I knew I had to return. They used a blend of beans from all different countries and roasted them in house. My coffee was freshly ground and it was the best thing EVER!

We sat on our balcony for a bit sipping on our coffee, then we headed for breakfast by the water.

Breakfast- Music cafe.  THIS WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST BREAKFAST. I got a yogurt bowl with all of the freshest fruits and it was just amazing. enough said. do it!

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

After breakfast we took the bus to the start of a path that connected a few of the beaches in the area. We started along the path, saw the most beautiful view, and stopped at a lil restaurant for some fresh fruit before choosing a beach to stay at! We ended up chilling at Platis Gialos beach! 

How the beaches work – restaurants line the beach and each of them have lounge chairs that you can rent out for the day! We picked one that seemed the least crowded and relaxed by the water for a few hours! We had a waitress who brought us towels, lunch, coffees.. etc! I got a Greek salad. As if you’re surprised!!

Everyone else was fine with chillin, but I wanted to explore the beach path some more! So I ventured off just a little and it was SO beautiful. I wish I had kept going – but my Mom came along with me and couldn’t walk much further.

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate


After the beach we took the bus back and walked through Mykonos town to get to our air bnb. We got ready, watched a little of the sunset on our balcony, and ventured out for dinner. I feel like this post makes it seem like we ate one meal after the next but I swear there were usually about 4-5 hours inbetween each LOL.

Dinner – Honestly I don’t remember the name of where we ate I AM SO SORRY. But I got all the Greek traditional foods for my last night. Greek sausage, greek salad, tzatziki, and fresh pita. The restaurant was even using their own fresh grown herbs!!

Even though I was FULL AF we ended the night at Red Parrot for some Gelato (yes, same place as we went for coffee!!) I got a coffee gelato in a cone and it was magical.

With a heavy heart, we went to our air bnb for one last sleep (or lack there of) in Greece – before a 430 AM wakeup call to catch a flight to Italy. And when I say Mykonos is place to party.. I mean it. They literally go all night long. We left our air bob to head to the airport at  5 AM and the streets were FULL of people who had been out partying. Cafes were even open serving dessert crepes and coffee. We were just waking up while then rest of the island hadn’t even gone to bed yet LOL

Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate
ALL of the streets in Mykonos look like this! AMAZING right?!

  Greece 2018 RECAP - Things I did, Where I stayed, What I ate





  • Walk Pygros village
  • hike the volcano
  • more sight seeing
  • Explore akrotiri more
  • Amoudi bay


    • Mykonos was so beautiful and I feel like I didn’t really see most of it. We kind of stayed in the same area. I would have loved to do more sight seeing – I also know of several foodie places I would’ve loved to eat! (check out Bowl. & Merenga milk bar. They’re on my list for next time.)
  • No air bnb! I preferred hotels.


All in all, the trip was absolutely amazing. Like I said earlier, I felt like I belonged there. My heart is aching to go back already! I don’t really know how to describe it, but I felt something shift in me while I was in Greece – like some heavy weight that I had been carrying around for years had finally been lifted off of my shoulders. More on that to come soon 🙂

Like I said – if you have ANY questions at all, either leave them in the comments or email me! allieseatss@gmail.com I’m happy to answer anything!


Now tell me – have YOU ever traveled somewhere that made you feel alive?! Where’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?! Leave a comment …  I wanna know!!




~ @actually_alexandra




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