Hilton Boston/Woburn

The Hilton Boston/Woburn – a perfect staycation

STAAAYCATIONS ALL I EVER WANTED.. STAYCATION HAD TO GET AWAY! (remix to “vacation”. produced by me). I’ve been singing it since my two night staycation at The Hilton Boston/Woburn started. I’m actually writing this from the bed of the hotel because I’m SO EXCITED to tell you guys about it!

The Hilton Boston/Woburn welcomed me as a guest for two nights and it was the most perfect staycation I could have ever asked for.

The hotel is located in Woburn, MA which doesn’t really make you think “luxury”… and it’s only about 30 mins from where I live. BUT when I say that I felt like I was on an actual vacation – I mean it.

The Hilton Boston/Woburn was the perfect place for a lil staycation. Here’s what I loved…

1.) The decor & design – I’m allll about those *aesthetics*

I was not expecting it to be as nice as it was, but the place was beautiful! The natural light from the glass roof made everything feel so open and outdoorsy. All of the rooms had indoor balconies and mine happened to be right over the heated indoor pool. Even the bathroom was super nice!! (because who wouldn’t want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom AM I RITE)

The Hilton Boston/Woburn
LOOK how open everything is!! The natural light that was let in all day was amazing too. I got to see the sunset right from my indoor balcony 🙂
The Hilton Boston/Woburn
Loved that I felt like I was outside!! Look at that roof!
The Hilton Boston/Woburn
Inside the hotels restaurant!

2.) The Matadora

This was the restaurant located inside the hotel. As soon as you walk in and look to your left, you see it right there. It’s in an open area and even the decor there is so nice! I ate there for dinner and I felt allll fancy dining there. The Matadora serves Spanish food and tapas. I had never even had Spanish food before but it was incredibly delicious.

We had the pleasure of trying SO many items off of the menu.  Our waitress spoiled us – she was SO sweet and made sure we had absolutely everything we needed. She started us off with some small bites – Almonds that the chef had prepared with olive oils and his own herb blend, in house pickled peppers, and some cheese that had been marinated with lots of herb. The almonds were my fav!! She also brought us out shrimp toast, wood grilled broccoli, and street corn. Like I said, we were spoiled!

I ordered the kale salad and a dry aged ribeye and Ohhhh my goodness was it amazing. The kale salad was so perfectly dressed and the steak was on of the best I’ve had.

I couldn’t try everything that was brought out due to dietary restrictions, BUT everything that I did try was amazing!! There’s also live music playing there every night which was so nice!

The Hilton Boston/Woburn
^Kale salad of my dreaaams!

The Hilton Boston/Woburn

3.) The location

It was the perfect location for a staycation! It’s about 20 minutes from downtown Boston so after hanging out at the hotel all morning, we went into Boston to walk around and have lunch! If you don’t want to go into Boston, there’s also a ton of other things near by! From little outdoor shopping malls, King’s bowling alley, oooh and even one of my fav places – Pressed Cafe (where my foodies at?!).

The Hilton Boston/Woburn

We walked through the Boston Gardens, stumbled upon a lil farmers market, ate some healthy food, and strolled along the Charles River. Then we went to Wegmans (my fav grocery store) when we got back since it was 10 mins from the hotel. Literally my perfect day. 

4.) Other things I loved

  • The pool  – It was heated!!! I love heated pools. I’m a baby when it comes to cold water
  • For my fitness lovers -They had a gym with everything you need to get a good workout in! I also found a barre/pilates studio that was literally right around the corner. If I had known it was there before going I would have loved to book a class!!
  • The indoor balconies – I know I already mentioned this one but I think it was one of my fav parts of the hotel. I love getting sunlight first thing in the morning so waking up and sitting on the balcony with the sun coming in was perfection.
  • The hotel room – The coolest feature of the hotel room was that it had a lil knob on the wall to put WHITE NOISE on!! I sleep with white noise every night and it drowned out all of the background noise from your neighbors at the hotel. Seriously so cool. Also, the lamp next to the bed had a USB port so I could charge my phone. Obviously loved that.

The Hilton Boston/Woburn


Overall it really was just the perfect place for a lil weekend getaway! It was actually my first staycation ever and now I think I need to do them more often LOL – I really felt like I wasn’t close to home at all!!! And yes. I’m still singing my staycation remix in my head.


*I was welcomed as a guest at the Hilton Boston/Woburn, but as always – all opinions are my own 🙂 If you’d like to check the hotel out for yourself.. head over to their website *


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