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If you’re a health nut like me, you know that LA is the place to freakin be. The amount of healthy eats in the area seems almost overwhelming – like, I can only fit in SO many meals a day.. where do I go?!

I spent a week with my Instagram foodie bffs doing all the healthy foodie things and here is a list of all the good places we hit! Obviously, I didn’t hit ALLL of the places I was hoping to, but here’s where I did go –


Great White – Venice, CA

We came here for brunch on my first day  (and the last day, lol) and it was AMAZING. I got the scramble bowl – scrambled eggs, arugula, bacon, and added delicata squash, duh. My friend got the avocado toast which looked absolutely insane and my other friend got a matcha and the harvest bowl. We split the blue smoothie bowl which tasted just as good as it looked. The interior is so cute and so is the outside seating!! It’s a very aesthetically pleasing place, which you know is important for us foodies 😉



Erewhon – Venice beach, CA

Erewhon is straight up Disneyland for foodies. It’s a grocery store.. like whole foods on steroids. It’s small but they have SO many cool treats and things you can’t find anywhere else. Paleo cake?!? Yes please!! The hot bar is insanely delicious and I honestly could’ve eaten there every night, no joke. I don’t have any pictures but I got the same thing both nights we went for dinner – Organic turkey burger (best I’ve ever had) with kabocha squash (still dreaming of it. also the best I’ve ever had) and heirloom carrots. Such a simple meal but everything was just SO SO good. We stopped here on the way to the airport my last day and I made my own salad and got the heirloom carrots on the side. It may not be a fancy sit down place or an aesthetically pleasing cafe but let me tell you… the hype is real.


Kippys – Venice Beach

Paleo. dairy free. refined sugar free. 5 ingredient or less. ICE CREAM. Need I say more?  Didn’t think so. Not even kidding when I say that this place was the highlight of my trip – we went 3 times, and each time it just got better. Finding a dairy free icecream with actual GOOD ingredients is hard. Finding one without refined sugar and is paleo friendly is even HARDER. One thing I miss the most while following my SIBO protocol is icecream – I’ve had a serious craving for it lately but couldn’t find any I could actually have. Until Kippys *insert tears of joy*. Their ice-cream is sweetened with dates or honey – that’s it!!! They use coconut cream and coconut water as the base, add in the sweetener and flavor – like REAL vanilla beans or raw cacao powder as opposed to natural/artifical flavoring. That’s freaking it. And it’s like actual ice-cream. Like.. you would never know it’s healthy. All 3 times we went I got the same thing.. one scoop strawberry, once scoop double chocolate, raw cacao nibs for a topping. Still amazed. Miss it. Need to recreate it ASAP. I somehow ended up with NO PICTURES from my two favorite stops of the trip (Erewhon & this place).. I guess I was just TOO busy drooling and enjoying the deliciousness 😉



The Source Cafe – Hermosa Beach

This cute lil place has so many fun lil treats and is perfect for breakfast/brunch! They even make homemade tri nut milk with walnuts, brazil nuts, and cashews (I think those are the 3 they use, lol). They have all the paleo treats – cookies, banana breads, DONUTS, etc. Lots of grab and go options, and even paleo toast, which I had NO clue about till after we had left. Other options if you want to sit and stay include salads, egg frittatas, more toast, PALEO paninis, etc. They have delicious smoothies and some of them don’t even have fruit in them, so they are low in sugar and still taste delish! The first day we went I got a trinut milk latte and hard boiled eggs – LOL, if you know me, you know I am not much of a smoothie person at all, and we didn’t have time to sit and stay. I like a savory breakfast for the most part so even though I was drooling over the smoothie menu, I got something that I knew would actually satisfy me. The next time we went, I got the coconut dream smoothie (coconut milk, avocado, date, maca powder, cacao nibs, himalayan salt, added collagen and cacao powder, and asked for almond butter instead of coconut oil) it was BOMB. But, my stomach wasn’t feeling too hot after it lol. SIBO problems *eye rollll*

coconut dream smoothie
just me and my eggs LOL



Neat Coffee – Costa Mesa, CA

We stopped here on the way to EXPO west and it was HANDS.DOWN. the best almond milk latte I have ever had in my life – no joke. To be honest, we were trying to track down Meet The Source balls, aka those lil raw treats that ShutTheKaleUp always posts about! We knew they were usually sold at Neat coffee and luckily, we got there to snag the last couple ones, and even meet “The Source” 😉 herself! Along with our lattes we got the snickerdoodle balls, free of grains, dairy, gluten, and refined sugar. To no surprise, they lived up to our high expectations. The coffee shop itself is super tiny and minimal which I love. They use rawmond milk homemade almond milk.. I am still speechless. No almond milk latte will ever live up.




VIBE – Newport Beach, CA

Next stop was Vibe. We stopped here for lunch before expo and daYUM was it good. The menu was amazing. From smoothies, to bowls and salads, to sweet potato toast and PALEO tacos made with siete tortillas, everything was drool worthy. The first time we hit this place up, I got the California Cobb salad bowl – greens, avocado, roasted butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, coconut “bacon” (still dying over that, so good), asked for no chickpeas and got the spicy cashew dressing instead of the one it came with – best. bowl. ever. It was so good we stopped here a second time and I got the same thing. PLUS this time they had Meet The Source balls!! They had the almond butter flavor and strawberry cream. Obviously we all got one of each. Strawberry cream takes the cake for number one. If you live in Cali or plan to visit – this place, and THOSE BALLS are a must. Everything here is gluten free, vegan, soy free, refined sugar free, etc etc etc. Aka REAL FREAKIN FOOD.



Tocaya Organica – Multiple locations : Venice, Santa Monica, Playa Vista.. etc.

HEALTHY MEXICAN FOOD. HELL YES. They use locally sourced organic food and everything is amazing. They are also really accommodating when it comes to making modifications to your order. The food was amazing. Seriously some of the best mexican food I have ever had. I got the Tocaya salad with greens, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole, achiote chicken, and jalapeños. I had to made a to of modifications to the bowl and they were so understanding! Not to mention.. it has the absolute cutest and most aesthetically pleasing interior.


Not the best picture but still so yummy!


Butchers Daughter- Venice

Last on this list but NOT last in my heart!! I think this was one of the best meals of the trip. Another SUPER aesthetically pleasing place – probably the cutest out of all of them. This meal was definitely my number one of the whole trip, and I am dying for a chance to go back. They have such an amazing menu – after debating for a solid 10 mins over what we were going to get (because so many good choices!!) we were all so so pleased with our food. I got the kale caesar over arugula instead of kale *lol* and added a poached egg. My tastebuds are still in shock at the deliciousness. Wow.




I’m in need of another trip to Cali to fulfill the rest of my foodie bucket list 😉 And once I get there – I’ll share more! There are just SO many good places it was hard to choose, but these ones were all amazing and honestly, next time I get to Cali.. it will be hard to branch out to new places knowing how good these ones are ^ LOL.

If you guys like travel posts like this, let me know and I can do them for all of the new places I go 🙂


~ @actually_alexandra





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