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-Drake. And now, also, me. (lol, jk)

Hi! I’m Allie, Al, Alexandra.. whatever you wanna call be (BESIDES ALEX..i freaking hate that name!!!) and I’m a college drop out!!!!!! and proud! 

 I’ve been keeping that a secret from you guys for like.. a while. Not because I’m embarrassed about it – I’m actually really freaking pumped about it. More so because I didn’t really have my business established yet, aka I couldn’t really talk about my business, aka I was waiting to “announce” the whole college drop out thing until I could also announce my business at the same time – ya feel?

So, yea, there it is. I dropped out of school!

College was never a smooth sailing ride for me. I took a year off after high school, then went to Keene state for one semester, hated living at school, took second semester off, transferred to Merrimack college for one semester, hated living at school, transferred to a community college, hated going to class… I’m sure you get the idea. [read more about my college journey here]

Anyways, this past summer I received my associates degree in liberal arts from Middlesex Community College. Why liberal arts? Because literally not a single major interested me and I had no clue what to pick. I just took a bunch of random classes that didn’t interest me to work towards a degree that I felt I needed to be successful, or at least for others to view me as successful.

This fall, I was supposed to begin the next two years of my college journey at Umass Lowell, working towards getting my bachelors degree. But honestly, I just wasn’t feelin it. It was August and I hadn’t even submitted my application (I got automatic transfer acceptance because of my GPA anyways). I hadn’t even looked at classes, hadn’t even thought of what to major in.

And my heart was pulling me so hard in one direction. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew that a desk job, or any corporate job, would never fulfill me. I knew that I wanted to create my own business, be on my own schedule, run my own life, not answer to a bosss! but most importantly I knew that I wanted to use my story and my struggles to help others. and I knew that I didn’t need to go to school to fulfill that dream.

August 1st I went to coffee with my brother – the one person in my family who has been to college, the one person that I look up to like no other, the one persons opinion that truly weighs heavily on me. I expressed to him how I was feeling and how I really didn’t want to go to school. How I was hating classes, felt like it was a waste of my time and money, and how I knew that starting my own business off of social media was what I wanted to do. I was SO freaking scared to talk to him about it. But honestly, he supported it 100% and even said he felt I was making the right call. So, that was the day I officially BECAME A COLLEGE DROP OUTTTT [hell ya sistaaah!]

So.. what came next?!

Wellll… I knew I wanted to run my own business online. I knew that I wanted to help people in SOME way. But when it came to how – I had NO CLUE what the hecky I wanted to do.

I love nutrition. I love wellness. So originally I wanted to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner but then I realized I had absolutely NO DESIRE to talk to people about digestive issues or meal plans or anything like that. I didn’t want to tell girls what to eat/what not to eat. I didn’t want to be a nutritionist [no matter how holistic an NTP is!]

So then came my next move – mindset coaching. I wanted to help girls live their happiest life, because for so long, I was NOT living my happiest life.

As you’ve probably noticed from my Instagram… I really transitioned out of food and wellness to kind of just general HAPPINESSS for a while. I kind of thought that I had to pick one or the other.

So, I launched my first program [very successfully!] as a mindset & happiness coach.

I have 6 clients [which was my goal/limit!] in my life ALIVE program. They are freaking AMAZING and I’ve loved everything about coaching them so far – but through this journey I have realized my actual dream. I have gained so much clarity as to what I want in my business, who I want to serve, and where to go from here. 

I’ve known that I want to work with girls more on mindset stuff, but for some reason convinced myself that wellness didn’t combine with that?!?! uhh WHAT!?!

SO I didn’t know what to call myself – I called myself a mindset & happiness coach. BUT I’ve since realized that MINDSET & WELLNESS is the perfect combo. I want to work with girls around the mindset of wellnesss. It ties my two passions together and I am SO CLEAR on who my ideal clients are.

So, I guess you could say I’m going through a little ~ REBRAND! ~

I’m getting back to my ROOOTS of wellness content and I am so FREAKING EXCITED. Why did I ever stop? 

Really – why did I stop posting food / wellness stuff? 

It comes down to one thing – Over the past 7 months, I have found my truest, happiest, freest, most ALIVE and authentic self. For the first time in over 7 years, food was not on my mind, at all. It’s not that I didn’t still love health and wellness. I still ate the same [real food]. I still worked out the same. I still obsessed whenever finding new healthy cafes or products. But it just wasn’t what I wanted to talk about. It became so mindless.

I didn’t stress about exercise. I didn’t complicate health like SO many of us tend to do [“should I eat this? should I avoid X because Cindy says it made her bloat? should I hop on this next eating trend? try intermittent fasting? I’m really tired today but shouldn’t I go to the gym since I skipped yesterday].

^ I know that as females, most of us have been in that spot asking ourselves those questions. Letting health control us rather than the other way around.

I stopped caring about what ANYONE else was eating or how anyone else was working out. I focused on ME and only me. and health just became so easy. and happiness just became so frequent. and for the first time in so, so many years I felt the feeling of being truly ALIVE.

I wasn’t bogged down by anything. I found confidence. I made peace with myself, my body, exercise, food. I lived so intuitively and freely. My mindset completely 110% changed. I felt like a new person.

And that’s all I wanted to talk about.

So for a while – I strayed away from talking about food and exercise and recipes etc etc etc. Because that’s what I needed. I just wanted to share this newfound happiness and joy and lust for life that I was FINALLY feeling – and hope to inspire YOU ALL to feel it as well.

And while I LOVE talking about positivity and happiness and living a life that you love – that’s only part of the picture when it comes to WELLNESS!

So now.. I’m more ready than EVERRR to get back to my roots. I’m ready to let these passions – wellness / fitness / recipes / happiness merge and all coincide together.

Oh yea.. and I also QUIT MY JOB to focus on my own business!




Wellness tips

Grocery hauls

Eating disorder talk again

Sharing parts of my journey with mental health again

Fitness stuff

About how to be HAPPY AF

etc etc etc


Relaunching/rebranding my coaching business [stay tuned for part two of this blog post!]

Taking 1:1 clients

EBOOKS! hell freakin yaaa

Group coaching programs

Partnering with brands again for recipe development

City guides for health nut who travel

More meaningful content on Instagram

etc etc etc!

Get ready to start seeing more food on my feed again people. I am SO EXCITED that this passion has lit up again. I think we go through seasons in life. I went though a season where that type of content just WAS NOT what I wanted to post – and that’s okay. I didn’t force it. I’ve always been passionate about real food & health but just didn’t feel like sharing that as much. And now I am more ready than ever and can not freaking WAIT!

Ok Allie.. sooo WHAT is your freaking business that your “relaunching” what the heck kind of coach are you now?

^prob what you’re thinking, right?

I’ll be talking ALLLL about it in part two of this blog post, which will come out in just a few days!

Right now, all I have to say to you guys is – TAKE. FREAKING. RISKS.

I took the risk of dropping out of college – it led me to start taking my own clients.

I took the risk of launching my first coaching program (which btw, my clients are freaking AMAZING!) – it led me to find out what type of coach I actually want to be and who I’m MEANT to serve.

I took the risk of quitting my job that I hated – it led me to be 1000X more productive in my own business each day.

I took the risk of rebranding myself after announcing my first coaching biz – aka this blog post and the next few announcments I have rolling out – I could’ve been worried about what people would think but who TF cares.

I took the risk of flying to Greece with my bff – it led me to huge business decisions that will also be announced in the next blog post.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place,

but nothing ever grows there”

Living in fear is the easiest way to make sure your life doesn’t fulfill you.


Stay tuned for part two of this post where I’ll be announcing my next BUSINESS moves, and some exciting things that I have planned with Grace! 😉

As always – thanks for ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT you guys always give me!



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