My Fav Coffee Concoctions

September 29th is NATIONAL COFFEE DAYYYY!!! AKA the most important holiday in my life. If you know me.. you know I’ll be celebrating accordingly 😉

For me, coffee really isn’t about the caffeine or anything like that. I don’t need it to get through the day without feeling sleepy or to give me energy. I drink it because it warms my soul. My favorite thing in the world is sitting down with a nice hot cup of coffee (and whatever I decide to add into it that day 😉 ). It’s like comfort in a cup. Sometimes, I’ll even do coffee free lattes just using almond milk as the base.. really just having a warm drink in the morning brings me so much joy.

So, in honor of my favorite holiday, I figured I’d share some of my favorite COFEE CONCOCTIONS with you guys! I get asked all the time how I drink my coffee, but the truth is.. I switch it up often!

Heres a simple little equation to mix n match and get creative with your coffee! (any of these can be made coffee-free by doing hot almond milk/water as the base.


Coffee. duh. hot or cold. Fill up yo cup.


Almond milk // cashew milk // coconut milk // organic half and half // organic whole milk

FATTEN IT UP: my fav fats to add are..

coconut oil // coconut butter // almond butter // ghee // grassfed butter // cacao butter (true game changer)

I always add fat to my coffee. Either 1 tbs of one of em or I mix n match a few!

GET CREATIVE: Other favs to add are…

Cacao powder // maca powder // collagen peptides // 1ish tbs favorite protein powder // pumpkin pie seasoning // cinnamon //  any other adaptogens of choice // dark chocolate (decadent AF)

SWEETEN IT UP: If ya like things a lil sweeter.. use these in place of refined sugar!

Honey // Pure maple syrup // Stevia // coconut sugar // 1 pitted medjool date // banana*

*yuuup you read that right. BANANA! On my SIBO protocol, I can’t have any sweetener besides honey in moderation. Lately, I’ve been taking a *liiittle* bit of a very ripe banana, and using it to sweeten up my coffee! It may sound weird, but it honestly works so well!! I always blend my coffee.. which makes it super frothy, and there are never any banana chunks. (one banana usually lasts me like 10 coffees.. probably more. When I say I use very little, I aint lying 😉 )


Now let’s get to some of my fav combos! Not all of these are SIBO friendly.. so I can’t have them right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t!!

I put Vital proteins collagen peptides in EVERY coffee I make – so I’m not gonna list it. Just know it’s in there 😉

In all of these “recipes” feel free to use whatever milk and whatever fat you want. Or add anything else you want as well. I’ll just give suggestions! Personally, organic cream is my favorite to put in coffee (when I can have it)



*some recipes I have previously posted on the blog  – Chocolate PB banana latte & my old fav

BASIC – The one I have every day unless I’m feeling like switching it up

Coffee // Almond milk // Banana // 1tbs coconut oil.


Coffee // full fat coconut milk or coconut cream // coconut oil // 1 date to sweeten


Coffee // milk of choice (half and half is so good!!)  // cacao butter or coconut oil // cacao powder // coconut sugar, honey, or 1 date to sweeten


Coffee // coconut milk // square of dark chocolate // 1 tbs cacao powder // almond butter or ghee // sweetener if needed

*you could even add a little chocolate protein of choice to this one!


Coffee // almond milk // almond butter // 1 date or maple syrup to sweeten // spices – lots of cinnamon, pinch of ginger, allspice, nutmeg, pink salt

*can also add a few TBS canned pumpkin to make it pumpkin-y.


Coffee / milk of choice // 1 tbs favorite protein powder // sweetener of choice if needed / any fat you want!

Favorite ice blended one – 

cold coffee // ice // almond milk // almond butter // 1 tbs Nuzest Cacao honey QuickVitaKick (or 1 tbs chocolate protein powder)



*IF YOU USE DATE AS A SWEETENER – I suggest soaking it in hot water for a few minutes prior. It makes it easier to blend*

Some more tips –

  • If you are familiar with the brand REBBL (they make elixir and protein beverages that are amazing) I love using their drinks as a “creamer” in my coffee!
  • If you are brewing your coffee and want to add a little flavah flav.. put your favorite spices into the coffee grounds before brewing! I usually do cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice and it turns out delicious!
  • I always add COLLAGEN to my lattes. It helps make it frothier but also reaps a ton of health benefits (skin/nail/hair health, aids in digestion, joint health etc)
  • My go-to order when I’m out and about is an almond milk latte! But if I see a bulletproof latte on the menu.. you can be sure thats what I’m getting. Local people – Whole foods coffee bar now has bulletproof lattes, try em out!


If you couldn’t tell.. I love my coffee 🙂 and NOW I’m off to celebrate! You should too with one of these yummy recipes^










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