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Outfit Ideas for Europe – comfy, simple, and cute!

Need some outfit Ideas for Europe? I GOTCHU! And even if you’re not traveling to Europe – I STILL GOTCHU!!

I’m sure that most of you have noticed – from my countless instagram stories of me in GROUFITS – that I am no fashionista. A typical outfit for me is workout leggings and a t-shirt. That’s just how I roll. Sometimes I’ll even wear a cute t-shirt if I’m feeling fancy – special occasions only. Buuut.. when I found out I’d be going to Greece and Italy, I needed some good Outfit ideas!!

During the months leading up to my trip, I was freaking out a lil about what the HECK I was going to wear. I googled “outfit ideas for Europe” over and over and over. And I never really found anything that was my style (prob because I am #not #stylish).

So, I need up just winging it. And I’m actually pretty proud of the things I pulled together. The outfits were simple, comfy, cute, and perfect for a long day of exploring!

And since I got tons of questions about my outfits.. I figured I’d share all the deets.

These outfit ideas are still just as cute if you wear em at home 😉 Also if you’re broke AF like me – I don’t ever spend a lot of money on clothes, so nothing was too expensive!!

If you wanna hear more about my trip:

Watch my Greece vlog here: Greece vlog

OR read my recap here: Greece recap

Alright. Let’s do this.

Outfit deets from Europe –

click on any picture and it will take you directly to where you can buy the clothing item!!

Outfit idea 1 : Jumpsuits –

realllly wish that I had bought more jumpsuits prior to the trip. They were the COMFIEST outfits and super easy too. Just throw one on and your whole outfit is ready! Cute, simple, comfy – what could be better?! They were perfect for night time since it was a little too hot during the day (we visited in May).


Outfit Ideas for Europe
This ended up being one of my favorite outfits! From Forever 21


Outfit Ideas for Europe
Ok I take it back – THIS WAS THE COMFIEST!! Super cute, super comfy! From Charlotte Russe


Outfit Idea 2 : Dresses-

T-shirt dresses, Maxi dresses, sundresses, ALLLL THE DRESSES! During the day, a sundress is perfect – or even a Tshirt dress, which ended up being my fav day time dress to wear! At night, maxi dresses are where it’s at!

Outfit Ideas for Europe
Believe it or not I got this at 5 below LOL. The one I linked is almost identical but not the exact one i wore!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
This could work as both nighttime and daytime dress! I wore it at night with a cardigan. From SHEIN.COM
Outfit Ideas for Europe
T-shirt dress! If you want cheap shiz SHEIN.COM is where to go!









Outfit Ideas for Europe
Of course – the most requested outfit and I COULDN’T FIND IT ONLINE! So to make up for it – I found one of similar style that I really like! Click the pic and you’ll see it!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
This is from Forever21 from SO long ago! It’s not still on the site but they have tons of cute maxi dresses like this!














Outfit Idea 3 : Cropped T’s and High waisted shorts

Like I said, I’m no fashion kweeeen – so this style is more ME. It was comfy and still cute in my opinion! And great for the heat!

Outfit Ideas for Europe
Blue and white striped crop tee! I linked the shirt here!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
LINKED THE SHORTS HERE! Another cropped T with the same shorts! (shirt was bought in Greece!) shorts aren’t the exact same but I did my best!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
Yellow striped shirt with the same shorts (lol). This is one of my fav Tees!

Here are some other similar shorts I found – High waisted denim shorts FOREVER21

Other Outfit Ideas:

Outfit Ideas for Europe
Off the shoulder top with mid rise jeans! I actually loved this outfit. YELLOW IS VIBEY AF! Linked the shirt!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
I felt European AF in this. Probably cause I bought the pants in Europe. I linked the shirt in this pic and will link similar pants below!
Outfit Ideas for Europe
I paired it with a cardigan for when it got cool at night! I pretty much wore this same cardigan every night, lol (I bought it years ago so couldn’t find the link)

Similar pants – Pair 1 // Pair 2 // Pair 3


This was a big question I had before going – what shoes would be comfiest to walk around in?! I brought about 5 pairs, and wore the same two pretttty much the whole time, they were super comfy to walk in!

Outfit Ideas for Europe
These white sneakers were my go to. They were cute but also super comfy to walk around in all day! Guess where I got em? WALMART lol. I linked similar ones.
Outfit Ideas for Europe
Again, no link for these since I couldn’t find em! But they’re just woven sandals with an ankle strap. I got em at Payless a few years ago for $14 and they were actually super comfy to walk in!

TIP: Stripes are a MOOD right now and so is the color yellow. Go for yellow shirts and things with stripes too!!

So there ya have it! There were some other random outfits too but nothing worth showing. These were all so comfy and perfect for a day of walking around Europe! Or a day of just looking cute at home 😉

Like I said, I’m not a ~fashionista~ and am by NO means trying to be a fashion blogger (lol.. that’d be the day) but I did get a lot of questions, so I just wanted to share 🙂


 and *BONUS* I added a few other jumpers that I thought were cute 😉

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