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    The Instagram Trap – how Instagram can overcomplicate healthy eating

    First of all.. let me just start by saying  I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I love getting to know people through instagram and that I’ve literally met my best friends because of it. I love seeing helpful tips that people give and getting creative new ideas from their posts. There’s a lot of things that I love about Instagram, But there’s also some things that I don’t love about it. The main one being what I call – The Instagram Trap. The trap that I, and so many others, get sucked into without even realizing it. So what exactly is the Instagram trap? Let’s talk about it.. When I first started my Instagram account I was still pretty…

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    Coffee-chip Pecan Bites

    If you’ve ever made homemade nut milk, you know that one of the best parts is the “pulp” that’s leftover. RIGHT?! You can make so many yummy treats with it!! If you’re a coffee lover, these coffee-chip pecan balls are perfect! I make them using the leftover pulp from when I make my homemade dairy free coffee creamer Coffee-chip Pecan Pulp Bites *you will need a food processor, or a good blender for this* INGREDIENTS Leftover pulp from pecan milk *any pulp from any type of nut milk will work* 1 TBS cacao powder 1 heaping TBS coconut flour 3-5 pitted dates *depending on how sweet you like things* 1/4…

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