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    Greece 2018 Recap – What I did, Where I stayed, What I ate

    As you probably know (if you follow my Instagram), I recently spent two weeks in Europe – 1 week in Greece, 1 week in Italy. Greece had always been top on my list of places to go. I’m not even really sure why – I didn’t even know what there was to do in Greece. All I knew was that it looked beautiful and Blake Lively went there while filming Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And if Blake Lively went to Greece – it must be amazing, right?! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. The beauty of Greece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I fell completely head over…

  • Recipes,  Snacks

    Coffee-chip Pecan Bites

    If you’ve ever made homemade nut milk, you know that one of the best parts is the “pulp” that’s leftover. RIGHT?! You can make so many yummy treats with it!! If you’re a coffee lover, these coffee-chip pecan balls are perfect! I make them using the leftover pulp from when I make my homemade dairy free coffee creamer Coffee-chip Pecan Pulp Bites *you will need a food processor, or a good blender for this* INGREDIENTS Leftover pulp from pecan milk *any pulp from any type of nut milk will work* 1 TBS cacao powder 1 heaping TBS coconut flour 3-5 pitted dates *depending on how sweet you like things* 1/4…

  • Travel

    LA Eats

    If you’re a health nut like me, you know that LA is the place to freakin be. The amount of healthy eats in the area seems almost overwhelming – like, I can only fit in SO many meals a day.. where do I go?! I spent a week with my Instagram foodie bffs doing all the healthy foodie things and here is a list of all the good places we hit! Obviously, I didn’t hit ALLL of the places I was hoping to, but here’s where I did go –   Great White – Venice, CA We came here for brunch on my first day  (and the last day, lol)…

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