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    MyFitnessPal – WE’RE BREAKING UP

    The other day – I looked at my phone and saw that I had an email from MyFitnessPal. Not sure why I’m still subscribed to those emails because I never open them, BUT – the subject of this one was “Happy 4 year anniversary!” I opened it up and read… “Now’s a good time to reflect on what motivated you to join MyFitnessPal 4 years ago and all that you’ve accomplished since then.” And then my heart kind of sank a lil as I really thought about it. 4 years ago, what motivated me to join?  What motivated me was control – knowing every last calorie that was going into my…

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    The Instagram Trap – how Instagram can overcomplicate healthy eating

    First of all.. let me just start by saying  I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I love getting to know people through instagram and that I’ve literally met my best friends because of it. I love seeing helpful tips that people give and getting creative new ideas from their posts. There’s a lot of things that I love about Instagram, But there’s also some things that I don’t love about it. The main one being what I call – The Instagram Trap. The trap that I, and so many others, get sucked into without even realizing it. So what exactly is the Instagram trap? Let’s talk about it.. When I first started my Instagram account I was still pretty…

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    Busier doesn’t = BETTER

    Heading into this weekend I realized that I had nothing to do. Absolutely nothing. Nowhere I needed to be, no one I had plans with, nothing important that had to get done. I can’t remember the last weekend that I didn’t have at least one thing to be at or to do. You would think that I’d be so excited to have a few open days and embrace the fact that I could just do whatever I wanted. But for some reason.. the nothingness made me anxious. What was I going to fill my time with? I like to be busy. It’s weird because I get overwhelmed if I have too much…

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    I’m Allie.

      I’m Allie. I’m 22 years old What do you see when you look at me? I probably look pretty “normal”. You probably notice that I have long dark hair. I’m short. Smiling. You’ll see me laughing or goofing off when I’m with my friends. You see my Instagram posts and stories and you probably assume that my life is all rainbows and butterflies and happiness. What don’t you see?   You don’t see that I have scars on my wrists and on the sides of my stomach from lonely nights spent crying out of self hatred. You don’t see the overwhelming anxiety that I feel every time I step…

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    NEDA week 2017

    Happy NEDA week friends! NEDA stands for National Eating Disorder Awareness in case you didn’t know Every single year, I let NEDA week go by without saying much as far as raising awareness for the disease. Well, not this year. This year I spoke up about anorexia on my personal instagram/facebook, but I wanted to say a little more. There is so much stigmatism around anorexia. Anorexia is more than “I don’t want to eat because I’ll get fat” Every single day for years of my life, I’ve fought a mental battle. Every single morning, the disordered and obsessive thoughts are there… the second I wake up.  Sometimes it’s like a conversation in…

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    My Story : Part Two

    *Long post alert* Alright guys, heres part two of my story. If you haven’t read part one yet, you should go check that out first! Something I somehow forgot to mention in part one – January 2013 I started dating a boy! This time – he did not break my heart, and we are still together 🙂 Okay so let’s recap a little. July 3rd 2013  I’m told I have conguntivitis and am sent home from my first round of inpatient treatment. I was supposed to stay home for the weekend until I was no longer contagious and then go back to “living” at the treatment center. During that weekend…

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    Hey guys! I promise “My story : Part Two” will be up verrryy soon, but today there was something else on my mind that I wanted to talk about. Many of you probably already know this but for those of you who don’t – I have major depression. It brings a lot of struggles to my life and drags me down every single day. I also struggle heavily with self consciousness and embarrassment, and I think my depression plays a huge roll in these two things.. I am self conscious  and embarassed about EVERY little thing about myself, it goes faaaaar beyond looks ( although I am majorly self conscious about…

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