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    College Life – why living at school just wasn’t for me

    I grew up constantly hearing about was how amazing my brother’s college experience was – how it was the best four years of his life, how he made the most amazing friends, had the most amazing experiences, and would do it all again in a heartbeat if he could. My brother went to college when I was 3, almost 4, so when I say I heard about this my whole life…I mean it. My brother has always been my biggest role model. I’ve looked up to him my whole life and have always wanted to be just like him. Because of this, living at college was always the plan for me. When…

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    Hey guys! I promise “My story : Part Two” will be up verrryy soon, but today there was something else on my mind that I wanted to talk about. Many of you probably already know this but for those of you who don’t – I have major depression. It brings a lot of struggles to my life and drags me down every single day. I also struggle heavily with self consciousness and embarrassment, and I think my depression plays a huge roll in these two things.. I am self conscious  and embarassed about EVERY little thing about myself, it goes faaaaar beyond looks ( although I am majorly self conscious about…

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